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Tiger Trout

Tiger Trout
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Tiger Trout
Salmo trutta X Salvelinus fontinalis

The Tiger Trout is a sterile hybrid trout produced by fertilizing female brown trout eggs with male brook trout sperm. Because they are sterile all their energy goes toward feeding allowing these fish to grow larger faster. Pound for pound, their aggression and fighting ability surpasses all other trout. We here in MA are fortunate to have them stocked within some of our waters. 

Many fisherman who catch one for the first time are baffled and are not sure what they caught or quickly dismiss this fish as a brook trout. The name tiger trout stems from the appearance of the adult fish, which have beautiful tiger-like stripes (vermiculation's) that cover most of their body. Typically they are a chocolate golden brown with yellowish vermiculation's but coloration can sometimes vary (as you will see by the examples). This fish can occasionally occur in the wild in areas with breeding populations of brown and brook trout share the same waters but these occurrences are rare. Most tiger trout are hatchery bred and stocked by the division of fisheries and wildlife and are a product from the Sandwich State Fish Hatchery and are stocked annually. 






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Tiger Trout
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